Picture of wheelchair accessible minibuses with tail lifts extendedPicture of wheelchair clamps

Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses and Coaches

Having accessible, safe and easy transportation is vital in order to get around and live without limits! Subsequently, our fleet of wheelchair accessible minibuses provide a safe and secure way in which to travel.

Whether it’s to visit family and friends, travelling to the airport or a day trip to the beach, at Advanced Travel we have you covered. We have over a decade of experience in providing safe and efficient transport for those of you with reduced mobility. Therefore we know what it takes to make your journey pleasurable and enjoyable.

Based in South Yorkshire but operating nationwide, our fleet includes vehicles which cater specifically for people who experience difficulty travelling in a standard vehicle. Likewise, for those of you who wish to travel in the comfort of your own wheelchair.
Some of the clients who use our minibuses include:

  • Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Nurseries
  • GP Surgeries
  • Care Homes
  • Residential Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Local Councils
  • Private Clients

Minibus and Passenger Safety

We take great pride in maintaining the safety of our clients whilst they are travelling with us. Our wheelchair accessible minibuses come fitted with a safety belt system called the “4-point wheelchair webbing system”. This comprises of two front two rear sets of adjustable belts and clamps, along with an adjustable seatbelt. The belts can adapt to fit most wheelchairs, ensuring passengers are always safely secured whilst the vehicle is operational. In addition, we are responsible for the handling of wheelchairs, operating passenger lifts and the restraint of both passengers and wheelchairs, allowing you to travel comfortably and safely throughout your journey.


Our drivers are highly trained in providing transport for wheelchair users. Above all, they provide a service with a smile, ensuring they are always friendly and courteous. Most importantly, they always implement the correct procedures regarding the safe and secure transportation of you and your wheelchair.

Procedures followed by our drivers include:

  • Checking wheelchairs for any signs of damage or excess wear prior to boarding the bus. For example, a flat tyre on a wheelchair neagitvely impacts it’s ability to be safely clamped into the minibus.
  • Operating the tailgate where applicable and manoeuvring the wheelchair into the correct position within the vehicle
  • Securing the wheelchair in a forward-facing position and never sideways
  • Ensuring there is enough space around the wheelchair user
  • Setting wheelchair castors in the parked position and ensuring brakes are applied
  • Fitting the wheelchair “tie down” equipment according to manufacturers recommendations
  • Helping the passenger (s) to correctly secure a harness or safety belt
  • To recheck everything before setting off

MiDAS is the award-winning Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, designed and credited by the community transport association (CTA). It is a quality standard for businesses and individuals who are to deal with the transport of people with disabilities and reduced mobility. Our drivers are MiDAS certified to ensure your journey is as safe and pleasant as possible.

Wheelchair Capacity

The number of wheelchair users that can fit into one vehicle for a single journey will depend on the vehicle available for your journey. We have a total of four vehicles which are suitable for the use of transporting wheelchairs. When transporting one wheelchair user our 24-seater vehicles allow for up to 18 seated passengers.

For a pleasant, price effective and safe experience head over to our Get A Quote page for your free personalised quote today! If you require the transportation of a wheelchair, please include information regarding the amount and type of wheelchair in the “Do you have any additional requirements?” box. No matter your destination or requirements, get in touch today and one of our highly dedicated members of staff will be happy to help.