Why hire a minibus or coach?

Minibus hire or coach hire is the perfect way to get a group of people from one place to another. Below we discuss some of the key factors that make hiring a minibus or coach so appealing.

Group Travel

Travelling alone is no fun. As the old saying goes, “the more, the merrier”. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to travelling to different locations across the UK. Whether it’s a family day out to the seaside, or a corporate event in another city, travelling together in a large group will always bring a smile to faces and create long-lasting memories. Our vehicles range from 16 seater minibuses to 61 seater coaches.

Stress-free Organisation

Organising a day out or an event for a destination in the UK can be a tiresome process. Likewise, it can get very stressful when dealing with a larger number of people. Events held in different locations across the UK can sometimes be difficult to arrange transport for. Most people tend to opt for expensive and unreliable public transport. Others choose to take their own vehicle at a great cost to the environment. Hiring a minibus or coach provides a cost-effective, safe, and enjoyable experience for all the passengers. As the organiser of the transport, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey along with your friends and family.


The cost of hiring a minibus or coach is far more cost-effective than using expensive public transport such as trains. The UK has some of the most expensive train tickets in Europe. Furthermore, there are also other factors to consider. By hiring a minibus or coach, you can make use of an economical door-to-door service without any waiting around. There are many social events that hiring a minibus or coach can cater to. These include nights out, weddings, hen and stag parties, airport transfers, school trips plus many more. Get a quote from us today to see how much you could save!

The interior of our Luxury Mercedes Sprinter 16 Seater Minibus. With reclining leather seats with arm-rests and overhead storage.