Terms and Conditions

1) Extra charges may be incurred for any deviation from the details specified when booking, including additional pick ups and drop offs.

2) A ten minute grace period will apply from the agreed pick up time. Beyond this, a waiting charge of £20 per hour will apply. Waiting is at the driver’s discretion and dependent upon our schedules. Refunds will not be offered to any passengers who are left behind due to being more than 10 minutes late.

3) The consumption of food or alcohol on the vehicle is not permitted. The consumption of alcohol is illegal when being transported to a sporting event.

4) We accept no liability for lateness due to unforeseen circumstances.

5) The route taken is entirely at the driver’s discretion, unless specified and agreed when booking. The driver will however, make every reasonable effort to fulfil your request.

6) Customers should remain seated whilst the vehicle is in motion. The company will not accept responsibility for any accidents that occur when customers are not sat down with their seat belts fully secured.

7) We do not accept responsibility and we are not liable for any loss, theft or damage caused to goods or belongings whilst on the vehicle.

8) The vehicle will be provided in a clean condition, and must be kept so at all times. Any undue litter will incur a charge of a minimum of £20. Any soilage, including drink spillages or bodily fluids will incur a soilage charge of a minimum of £80.

9) It is illegal to smoke on the vehicle, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

10) The driver is in complete charge of the vehicle at all times. Should the driver consider that the safety of the passengers or vehicle could be endangered, he/she has the authority to take any action deemed necessary.

11) Once a deposit has been taken, no refund will be made due to cancellation. Cancellations made on the day of travel will be charged for in full.

12) Any form of abuse towards our drivers will not be tolerated. It is at the driver’s discretion whether to complete the journey, and it is the driver’s right to ask passengers to leave the vehicle if they are subject to any form of abuse or feel threatened in any way. The non-completion of a journey due to abuse to the driver will not be subject to any refund. In some cases, abuse towards our drivers will be referred on to the police.

13) We are at liberty to cancel any bookings due to severe weather conditions, e.g. heavy snowfall resulting in dangerous driving conditions.