Minibus and Coach Hire Benefits

The exponential growth of the internet and social media has led to the world becoming a much smaller place. The ability to share loving moments between friends and family is only a tap away. The ways in which we can communicate with each other have improved drastically. The same goes for the ways in which we can travel and get around. The automotive industry is undergoing an electronic revolution. Sales of electrical cars are at an all-time high. New segments in the markets are being explored with the advancement of technologies. Existing heavily saturated markets have been revolutionised by new players such as Uber. People have new ways in which to improve their day-to-day lives using technology.

The need for individual and group transport is and always will be required, which is where transport via minibuses and coaches come in. People will always need a way in which to travel from one place to another, whether that be by foot, public transport, car, rail, flight and so on. The great thing about minibus and coach travel is that you can travel without any of the drawbacks that come attached to many of these transport modes. There are many benefits to hiring a minibus or coach.

Ford Transit Minibus Hire Front Side View

Benefits of minibus and coach hire


Being transported in a minibus or coach is easy. Passengers can relax and do not have to deal with the stress involved with other transport modes such as late or cancelled trains. With each passenger guaranteed to have a seat, there are no issues such as having to stand up for a long journey which frequently occurs on trains.


The number of passengers that can be accommodated ranges from 6-49 people. This is great for family gatherings, going out with friends or work parties. Specific pre-determined pick-up and drop-off locations provide a seamless door-to-door experience to destinations that are only accessible by road. Passengers can also customise their itinerary, such as planning for stops at service areas or making overnight stays. There is also a wide range of types of vehicles that can be used depending on certain requirements such as luggage and storage space, special requirements such as TVs, reclining seats, toilet facilities and more.

Cost Efficient

Train times are at an all time high. There has never been a better time to seek alternate modes of transport. Cost-per-passenger when using minibuses or coaches is significantly cheaper than if the same group of people were to get a train for long-distances or by using a taxi for relatively shorter distances.


Pick-up times and locations are determined in advance. Passengers do not have to worry about delays such as those frequently occurring on public transport. Our drivers aim to be at the pick-up destination between 10-15 minutes before the agreed pick-up time, allowing extra time if there is traffic on the way.


The best precautions are taken to ensure that breakdowns do not occur. Unfortunately in some cases they are unavoidable. In these situations, another vehicle can be despatched quickly to carry on with the journey. This ensures continuity and keeps downtime to a minimum.


All minibuses and coaches come fitted with seatbelts as standard. The correct health and safety procedures are adhered to, with each vehicle containing at least one first-aid kit and fire extinguisher. Vehicles are also speed limited by law to a maximum of 62MPH (100KM/H).

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