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Minibus Airport Transfers

At Advanced Travel, we specialise in minibus airport transfers. Your holiday starts from the moment that you start travelling. Take the stress out of getting to and from the airport by booking your airport transfer with us. With a large range of vehicles ranging from 16 to 61 seaters, we will always have you covered when it comes to group travel to the airport. We can travel to any airport in the United Kingdom including:

We know that there can be multiple potential different issues that can arise when booking an airport transfer. These include delayed or cancelled flights, parking restrictions, and lost luggage. When taking your booking, we will need your return flight number. We use this to track your return flight journey for instance. Therefore, we will make sure a driver is at the airport waiting for you even when a flight is delayed. We don’t charge any extra for waiting times for delayed flights.

Why book a minibus airport transfer?

A minibus airport transfer offers great value when compared to using multiple cars to get to the airport. Not only that, but the stress of having to drive to the airport yourself will be removed. We can advise you on the vehicle most suited for your trip. Also, your luggage requirements will also be considered to make sure that you have enough space on board the vehicle. Furthermore, we can offer advice on pick-up times to get you to the airport at the right time. By booking a minibus airport transfer, you will not only save money but will also arrive at the airport feeling relaxed and comfortable. Hence you’ll be ready to start your holiday in the best way possible.

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